Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Packing The Right Way To Sell Online

You may have a business that can speak volumes regarding your product. Your ads and promotions may be top notch with numerous people wanting to buy your product. You may have a social media presence that attracts thousands of followers. But when your customers buy your product and there is something wrong with it, chances are it could be the kind of packaging that you are currently using. Sure normal cardboard shipping boxes are the norm, but the shipping boxes that you use can be the make or break point for your product. Supposing the product is perfect, with zero manufacturing defects, but is also fragile and can break easily. If the brand which is selling it isn’t using the right packaging that is efficient and fit for the product, the chances are that the article will break even before it reaches the customer. With the numerous brands out there, it is incredibly easy for customers to find an alternative to your product and switch over to a competitor. After all, it only takes a few clicks.

Packaging goes a long way into maintaining and retaining a brand's customer base and is as essential as the product itself. There are a few tips and tricks that sellers need to know to ensure that they are using the right packaging and conducting the right shipping tasks to make sure that the customers are always satisfied.

#1 Market the packaging
Your packaging is one of the main selling points of your brand, and hence one must pay a close amount of attention to it. Think of it this way, if your product is on a store shelf, the main reason why someone would even pick up your product and look at it is that of the packaging. In addition to making your product look good, the packaging is also essential to ensure that your product always stays in top condition. When it comes to shipping your product too, the packaging that you send the product in plays a huge role in whether or not the customer would want to buy from you again. Products with an extremely well-done packaging have an absolute positive in the customer's minds. It also works on the psyche of the customers because they tend to think that products that are packaged better or more efficiently are of a higher quality than those with poor packaging.

# Don’t over do it

I’m sure we have all had this happen to us at some point in time. Place an order online, and then receive it in a large gigantic box with extra bubble wrap even though the ordered product is the size of one’s palm. Even though no one ever complained about receiving too much bubble wrap, your budget may not see it as a plus for your business. Large unnecessary packaging can increase the cost of the packaging, which can come in the way of earning good profits. In addition, it can be an unnecessary hassle that some customers might not want to deal with. Choosing packaging options that are compact in size and which fit the product perfectly are always the better option as opposed to great packaging, with more box, and less product.

#Scout Your Shipping Options
Shipping companies usually tend to have competitive pricing which enables them to get more customers than the other. The good idea is to look at a couple of shipping options and figure out which one works best for you before finalizing one for your products.

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